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Retro Moon night Late cloud Phone Case For iPhone 13 | Pro | Pro Max


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The Retro Moon night Late cloud Phone Case you mentioned is a protective phone case designed for various iPhone models. Here’s some information about this type of case:

Compatibility: The case is available for several iPhone models, including iPhone 13 Pro, 11, 12 Pro Max, XR, XS Max, 7, and 14 Plus. It’s important to select the specific model when purchasing to ensure proper fit and functionality.

Design: The case features a retro-themed design with a moon and clouds pattern. This design can add a nostalgic and artistic touch to your iPhone, giving it a unique and personalized look.

Lens Protection: The case typically provides raised edges or a protective lip around the camera lens area. This helps safeguard the camera lens from scratches or direct contact when the phone is placed on flat surfaces.

Shockproof and Soft Cover: The case is designed to offer shockproof protection, meaning it can help absorb and disperse the impact of accidental drops or bumps. The soft cover construction, likely made from materials like silicone or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), can provide additional cushioning and protection for your iPhone.

Access to Ports and Buttons: The case should have precise cutouts for accessing all the ports, buttons, speakers, and other features of the iPhone. This allows you to use your phone without removing the case.


IPhone 13, IPhone 13 Pro, IPhone 13 Pro Max